Catorce Ranch

Catorce Ranch

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The Catorce Ranch is 2,385 acres located in Maverick and Kinney Counties is amply sized to produce great numbers of mature bucks annually. The ranch is midway between Uvalde and Eagle Pass off Highway 481. It is the quintessential whitetail trophy buck property and has a resume to prove it. For sixteen-plus years, the ranch has been managed intensively for quality while keeping densities at 1 deer per 15 acres and a doe to buck ratio of 2 to 1. Mature bucks on this property annually break the 200“ mark. Through annual helicopter surveys and ground surveys the ranch accurately monitors the health and density of the whitetail population. The 3,200 sf lodge at the Catorce ranch is well-appointed with comfortable guest quarters for 8. Situated upon a high ridge, hunters enjoy views of the Anacacho Mountains.

Catorce Ranch hostHosted by Bobby Wier

Hunting Experiences

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Three-night Whitetail Hunt

$4,500.00 - per hunter
$500.00 - per non-hunting guest

Hunting Package Details


Our Trophy Whitetail Hunt includes a three-night stay which allows for up to 6 hunting sessions. Lodging, all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, guide service, photos, and care of game are also included. The package is for one trophy buck. Hunters are expected to tip a minimum of 10%. Pricing is as follows:

  • 130-139" deer at $4,500
  • 140-149" deer at $5,500
  • 150-159" deer at $6,500
  • 160-169" deer at $7,500
  • 170-179" deer at $8,500
  • 180-189" deer at $9,500
  • 190-200" deer at $11,000
  • 200-210" deer at $12,500
  • 210-220" deer at $15,500
  • 220"+ deer at $16,500

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Catorce Ranch is a high-fenced property and is a part of the Texas MLDP program. As such, no active buck tags are required, but hunters will need a valid Texas hunting license. Licenses can be purchased online or at most sporting goods stores. Hunters should plan to to arrive at noon on and depart on noon the final day of the hunt. This will equal six (6) total hunting sessions. Upon arrival and after settling into camp, a mandatory meeting is held to discuss hunter safety, ranch rules and hunting strategy. The hunters and guides will be transported to the field in custom Jeeps. The Lodge and ranch will be exclusive / private for your hunters. No other hunters will be on the ranch or staying at the ranch during any TPWD hunts.

Hunter Requirements

Unless otherwise arranged with the host, hunters are expected to provide the following:

  • Rifle
  • Ammunition
  • Texas Hunting License
  • Boots or sturdy shoes
  • Flashlight or Headlamp
  • Snake Boots (optional)


  • Cold Storage for Animals
  • Shipping to Taxidermist
  • Game Processor
  • Gun Rentals
  • Cook provided
  • Lodge Cleaning Staff
  • Bedding Essentials
  • Cooking Basics
  • Kitchen
  • Stove
  • BBQ Grill
  • BBQ Utensils
  • Cell signal - only AT&T
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot Water
  • Cold Storage
  • Coffee Provided
  • Fire Pit
  • Gun Safe
  • Heat
  • Refrigerator
  • Shooting Range
  • Coffee Maker
  • Internet Access
  • TV
  • Firewood
  • Freezer

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Catorce Ranch

Catorce Ranch

Catorce Ranch

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Non-hunting Guests


Frequently asked questions

BirdDog exists to provide Hunters with exceptional hunting experiences. By partnering with ranch owners, we give Hunters access to a broad range of hunts across many types of game, and we ease the marketing, scheduling and administrative burden for Landowners. Our partner ranches include properties with five-star lodging and amenities and those with more modest accommodations. Similarly, some ranches are set up for trophy hunts with a high chance of successful for a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, while others are geared toward the chase. BirdDog aims to ensure both new and seasoned Hunters alike confidence that their hunting experience will be what they expect. Above all, our goal is to facilitate memorable experiences for all hunting guests.

We strive to provide complete and accurate information in the ranch profile. If you don't find what you need there, please contact us by emailing BirdDog directly at

You will receive an email with additional details about your hunt immediately after booking, and exact location details will be sent approximately one week prior to your hunt. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with questions at

Most types of game listed on BirdDog require a hunting license. Additionally, in Texas, Hunter Eduction is required for all hunters born after September 2, 1971. Hunters from the age of 9-16, who are accompanied by a properly certified adult of at least 17 who is licensed to hunt in Texas are also exempt. Hunter Eduction requirements can be met by completion of an in-person or online course. When hunting on private property, animals that do not require a license include: hogs, coyotes, bobcats, and other nuisance animals.

The entirety of the base cost of the hunt is paid through BirdDog's website upon booking. In the event that the hunter takes a larger animal - or additional animals - the balance will be charged after the hunt. Hunters are expected to tip guides a minimum of 10%.

Suggested gear for your hunt will be emailed with the hunt details after booking. In most cases you will need to bring your own firearm. Some ranches have firearms available for use. In the event that the ranch does not offer firearms for use, and you don’t have access to one, please let BirdDog know, and we will work to procure one.

Hunters who, during the the course of the hunt, do not have an opportunity for the animal they're after will be offered a credit to return and hunt again at just the cost of lodging. This typically does not apply for low-fence hunts. If a Hunter wounds an animal, misses a shot, or does not take a their intended animal, the full price will apply.

BirdDog provides incredible hunting experiences for seasoned and new Hunters alike. All hunts are guided by experts who are happy to educate and instruct as necessary. We do, however, recommend that you practice at a shooting range before big game hunts as injuring an animal commits you to paying the full price of that animal.