Best Back Strap Ever!

Take a full white tail or Axis back strap.
Trim all sinew or membrane off of it.
Take a good Sharp fillet knife or what ever you have. (Sharp is the key)  Now lay back strap out , stretch it long ways. Take the sharp  knife and cut long ways on the back strap, once you hit the end flip it over and continue cutting the back strap making a long Planck of meat a.
Now season Planck of meat with seasonings also lay bacon on it. Also cheese, cream and cheddar.
Now roll it up and tie it up. Now you can slice it into 1/2 inch thick pin wheels steaks are leave whole.
Cook on coals slow and low temps.
When done take pin wheels off and slice up for fajitas or leave whole for steaks. 
Venison has NO fat so you must add it, so the meat is tender, By using olive oil, cheese, bacon sausage etc.
Ken Milam
Host of The Great Outdoors& The Sunday Sportsman
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